3 Reasons Why Online Calculators Rule for Lead Generation

3 Reasons Why Online Calculators Rule for Lead Generation

The Problem

I find many website owners (including myself) find it difficult to create content regularly, build great offers, or convert visitors on their website. It is a constant challenge that requires looking into new tools and strategies. One tool you should look into can create rich experiences, is not complicated to build, and can delight your visitors fast. It’s the online Calculator.

lenduponlinecalculator (LendUp calculator)

1. Increased Engagement

Why an online calculator? If you are a smart marketer, you know creating an engaging offer is key to any great marketing effort. Calculators engage visitors faster than many other forms of rich content, and convert 10-100 times more than traditional corporate websites. Having a Calculator widget/tool lets prospective customers know “what’s in it for me”?

hubspotcalculator (Hubspot Marketing SEO Calculator)

2. Education

Visitors are looking for calculators to assist them in making decisions, ex. getting a loan. Let’s say a person is looking to get a mortgage loan. The mortgage loan website they found through Google has a mortgage calculator. Since there are multiple mortgage products out there, prospective customers want to run simulations on those different options in real time. Implementing a calculator works great in this scenario and helps educate prospective customers about their purchasing power.

3. Builds Trust

Engagement and Education allow for the third quality of the Calculator to surface. It’s Trust. For example, a Financial Lender can be perceived as an industry expert having a calculator on their website because it communicates to the prospective customer a certain level of transparency. Using my earlier example, the calculator could tell this person that they can qualify for more than they thought, letting them know they have more purchasing power. The company that enables this will build trust and good rapport with visitors.

SAMPLE CALCULATOR DEMO (Yes, it works! Try it out!) calculator from LeadDoubler

Lead Generation

Now that you know that calculators can engage, educate, and build trust with your prospective customers, they are more likely to submit their contact information and inquire about your products and services.

Wrap up

If you are looking to build or get you hands on a calculator, check out LeadDoubler.

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Reactivate Your Business Fast with Cold Emailing

Reactivate Your Business Fast with Cold Emailing

The Problem

If you are a Startup, Small business, or Professional with a small network, and don’t have a lot of capital to spend on paid marketing, what do you do? Try Cold Emailing. Well, Targeted Cold Emailing that is. Targeted Cold Emailing can be a very effective and low cost marketing channel that you may be overlooking.

I used to work in Digital Ad Sales where I did not have any contacts, marketing budget, or idea how to properly market myself to potential customers. I had to get savvy with the cold emailing prospects or I was not going to get the attention of anyone fast enough. Below are some great cold email tools and tactics that helped me.

The Tools

There are many helpful email tools today to help you with researching and tracking prospects. Here are a few I like:

  • Gmail – For sending emails, use Gmail. In order to get the most out of Gmail you need to use it with the Chrome Web Browser, otherwise you will lose out on all the cool extensions I’m listing below.
  • Rapportive – A Chrome extension that gives you rich contact information on the prospects you email. Type your prospects email address in the “TO:” form to surface contact information that list Social Media profiles that are attached to it. This was helpful for me to get context on a particular prospect. In addition, if I could not find a decision makers email address, I could “guess” it by typing in different email addresses. Once the right address is entered, the contact information will show up in the Rapportive Gmail widget.
  • Yesware – Yesware allows you to track and automate your email prospecting. You can track when, where, what device, and how many times someone opened your email. This was super helpful for me, to know when a prospect interacted with my email. I then could follow up later with a call to interact with the prospect. Lastly, Yesware allows you to send scheduled emails, which is great for sending a batch of targeted emails.
  • PersistIQ – For more serious Outbound Marketers, you may want to look into PersistIQ. PersistIQ is a Smart Drip Email Campaign Tool for Outbound Marketing. It will let you send Cold Email campaigns. It has a feature that will automate followups, that way you only send an email if a lead has not replied, then another email will be sent. Pretty neat. See PersistIQ video here.

The Targeted Cold Email Blueprint

I recommend you read How One Cold Email Landed Me A $15K Consulting Project and How I grew Sumo Jerky to $10,000 a month. These articles provide the basic blueprint of an effective cold email and how to build a targeted prospect list.

Real World Examples of Effective Cold Emails

Example #1 (Cold Email)

The story behind this cold email was from someone that read Jon’s (my twin brother) blog and wanted to introduce his product because he thought it would be of interest. The email was so thoughtful Jon shared it with five people. A great example of marketing where flattery and personalization can make a big impact, even it you don’t know the person. See example below.


Example #2 (Reactivation Cold Email)

The story behind this email was for Nick (my older brother) to reconnect with Wedding Planners that he had lost touch with over time. Nick is a DJ that charges $1,000 and up for Wedding and Event services. I told him to use the “give something to get something” tactic. In this example, we came up with an idea to give them a gift (it was a custom branded wine) to get them to take action (respond and schedule a time for Nick to drop off the gift). Nick ended up sending 30 of these emails. He got many responses and scheduled a dozen meetings from these emails, all this making Nick a quick $4,000 in Wedding and Events services sales. How’s that for ROI. The main insight from this is that Wedding Planners (or anyone really) might need your services, and reengaging them via email will get you back on their radar. A cold reactivation email can do wonders in this scenario.


Wrap Up

Now you have the Targeted Cold Emailing Tools and Examples to go out and do some Outbound Marketing. If you enjoyed this article, signup for more to our Newsletter below.

Socedo: Social Media Marketers Secret Weapon [Video]

The Problem

If you are having problems marketing your product online (especially on Social Media) or have a small network that needs to grow, you may be interested in a tool to accelerate your growth fast.

Quick story, I’m writing a book on Digital Marketing, and need to reach Digital Marketers that are interested in Copywriting, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Markerting, Lead Generation, you get the point. So how do you go about building an audience through Social Media without the manual hassle of searching and tedious one-to-one messaging? Enter Socedo.

Socedo is a Social Media Lead Generation Tool. Socedo allows you to reach out to targeted prospects and create warm introductions through their automated Social Media Web Application.

How it works

Socedo has a simple interface. First, setup your search criteria based on Conversational keywords and Bio keywords related to your target audience/prospects. Second, setup your automation preferences (see video below), and your ready to start approving prospects that you want to reach.

In addition, Socedo gives valuable insights in its Reports tab letting you know what Conversational and Bio keywords are most effective in connecting and messaging your target audience/prospects.

My Early Impression

Since using Socedo as of this writing, I have added hundreds of new Twitter followers, Linkedin connections and created the foundation to build relationships in a scalable way. It has accelerated my audience building, relationships, and book research (allowing me to learn from my new connections). Check out Socedo for yourself -> Free 14-Day Trial here.

See video below for a quick demo.

Sniply and Buffer: The Peanut Butter and Chocolate of Social Media Tools [Video]

The Problem

So you are finding great content to share all the time, but you can never capture that traffic you send other peoples way. Maybe you want to promote a product or service while you help surface great content to your audiences. That’s where the Buffer and Sniply combination come in. See Video Below.


Sniply is a Social Media conversion tool. It allows you to attach a call-to-action to links you share on the web. A useful tool when finding creative ways to drive traffic and signups. First, find a link, could be an article or video. Snip the link, add a profile to it, page url, message, button text, button url, and done. Get the Chrome extension here.


Buffer is a simple social media tool that allows you to share on multiple social media accounts. You can schedule postings from anywhere on the web, and get analytics on how well your posts perform. Get the Chrome extension here.

Video Demo (The Peanut Butter and Chocolate Part)

How To Become The Best Realtor In Charleston – An interview with Dave Friedman

I like to learn about different industries. I especially like to learn about how different professionals market themselves. I interviewed Dave Friedman of Dave Friedman Real Estate, who was voted Charleston City Paper’s “Best Realtor”.

Key Takeaways from Dave


  • Stay current with new technologies because the Real Estate Profession landscape is different than 10 years ago.

  • 90% of people use the internet for searching homes.

  • Your listings must be everywhere, so make sure you get on the 400 Greater Charleston listing sites.

  • Ad Retargeting has become very effective.

  • Capture Information from buyers, track their viewing habits which allow more effective prospecting.

  • Find longtail keywords for Search Engine Marketing.

  • Print is not what it use to be, can’t track it, bad for your clients spend.

  • Create content (Dave likes Video blogging). Dave educates his audience on certain topics for example: Covering flood insurance with an expert

Realtor Tips

  • Be eager to learn new technologies.

  • Read books to stay current learning business, marketing, and advertising.

  • New Realtors tools: Get a website and great listing software

  • Learn from other smart agents

  • Attend conferences, Dave attends 3 a year.

  • Zillow Good. Zillow Estimates Bad (Not always accurate).

Big Brand Good? Depends.

  • Different technology and value for its realtor

  • 10% of his marketing plan relates to remax

  • Help with Educational materials and conferences (keynote speakers)

  • Remax spent 50% of all real estate marketing spend last year.

  • Brand has Translation support which can aid foreign real estate buyers.

  • In the end, Realtor more important than the correct brand.

You can find more of Dave here or email him at -> dave@davefriedmanrealestate.com

Marketing Tools and Strategies You Need Today – Small Business Edition

Syndicate Your Social Media with Buffer

Its hard to publish and log in to every social media account your own. Buffer makes it super simple to automatically post your social media marketing on your schedule. Increasing frequency of good content will help your business break through the noise.


Blog About What You Do


You do not realize the knowledge you have may be valuable to someone that’s not in your field of expertise. As a small business, how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? Answer, out teach them. My favorite example of this is from Content Marketing Institute. They publish articles everyday on how to improve your business through Content Marketing. Their quality content makes them an authority and thought leader in their market.

Tell A Few People Everyday What You Do


Part of your business problem is that not enough people know who you are. Be active in communicating what you do. Get out there whether its via social network, email, or even cold calling. A great book on this is the 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. He outlines what it takes for your business to garner attention and dominate your market. Warning: Do not read this book before you go to bed because it will get you amped up! ;)

Join A Forum Online


There are plenty of businesses and communities discussing the very same issues your business may have. If you’re a programmer, a great example of this is Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is a Q&A site for programmers and is an example of the type of vibrant forum community you should be looking for. Check out boardreader to search for your forum.

Join A Networking Group

Image of female touching virtual icon of social network

I currently attend a group called -> 6 Degrees Lowcountry Networking. This group is great for getting referrals and information. We exchange our different business experiences and knowledge to help one another. Check out EventBrite or Meetup.com to find a Networking Group near you.

Build Your Email List


I recommend using a service like Mailchimp for creating Email Newsletter campaigns. To capture Email addresses on your site, use LeadPages. These tools together create a powerful toolset for you to implement in capturing and building you Email Newsletter audience.

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How To Build A Business Around Open Source

Monetizing Open Source Projects can be difficult for many developers. I interviewed Mike Perham, Rubyist and Open Source Developer of Sidekiq for his insights in this area.  In this interview, I asked Mike about his efforts in commercializing his own open source project, how he marketed, priced, and achieved sustainability of Sidekiq Pro. My Interview:

(Regarding sound quality, Backup audio was used. Primary audio source failed) Key Takeaways

1. Notoriety Doesn’t Pay In this interview, Mike mentions his huge time investment in building an open source project. Your popularity in a particular community may rise, but charging money can be a viable solution in order to recoup time and effort.

2. Charge for the Product’s Value, Not Cost There are many different models for pricing commercial open source products. Mike mentions how you should price your product based on how critical it is to an application. Regarding Sidekiq Pro’s pricing, many suggested that he offer recurring payments for continuous revenue, however Mike believes it is beneficial to charge a onetime price, allowing developers to better plan their overall development costs.

3. Marketing: The Proof Is In the Pudding Build the best product you can. Mike mentions other forms of marketing are not genuine. For example, he believes users should evaluate many Background Processing solutions and organically arrive to the best solution, hopefully being Sidekiq Pro.

4. Crowd funding for Open Source Projects: Bad Idea Mike expresses that he is not a fan of this funding model. This type of funding can lead to many issues for a project. Financing 1.0 products in a pledge drive format or the “NPR-ification of Open Source Software” does not guarantee future support, additional functionality, and documentation.  Selling a product long term forces you to support and improve upon a product.

 5. Business Advice: Don’t be a Business This insight may of been my favorite part of the interview, so good I may have to retitle this post to “How to Sustain Open Source Development”. Mike discusses how Sidekiq Pro is not a business in the traditional sense. You do not have to participate in building a company or consulting group around open source to make money. You can just build a great product and get paid.

If you are interested in learning more about Mike, check out Mike Perham’s blog or listen to The Changelog Podcast – 92.

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